Omni-DL™ for Acute Renal Care

In an acute care setting, it is all about device simplicity. The new Omni-DL™ delivers just that. A flexible platform with all the needed therapeutic options, coupled with an operating interface that reduces the workload on your critical care staff and resources.

Keeping the treatment simple. Keeping the treatment safe.

  • All CRRT therapies (SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, and CVVHDF)
  • Pre-dilution modes for all CRRT therapies
  • Net Fluid balance accuracy of ±0.125%
  • Air management to avoid blood-air interactions
  • Color-coded lines to improve setup accuracy
  • Integral “pinch” valves for pre-filter infusion management
  • Automatic bar-code identification of the infusion set
  • Automatic pump loading and priming
  • Multiple and very accurate pumps that maximize therapy offerings
  • A wide range of body weight selections for critically ill patients

Specifications – A Quick Look

Flow Rates
Blood: 0 to 220 ml/min with 5 ml/min steps

Replacement Fluid Exchange: 0 to 4500 ml/hr with 50 ml/hr steps

Dialysate Flow rate: 0 to 4500 ml/hr with 50 ml/hr steps

Effluent Fluid Removal: 0 to 4500 ml/hr

Net Fluid Removal: 0 to 2000 ml/hr with 10 ml/hr steps

Size (cm)
Dimensions: 53 (H), 34 (W), 20 (D)

Omni-DL System 22 lbs. (about 10 kg)
Stand 22 lbs. (about 10 kg)

Cartridge Filter Configuration
Use any approved dialysis filter
Single use kit, sterilized


The EZ as 1-2-3 single-use tubing kit performs multiple therapies, and automatically engages all of the numerous safety systems upon loading.