Omni-DL™ — When There’s No Room For Error

With the field and science of blood purification and fluid management evolving, the Omni-DL™ offers a revolutionary platform that can adapt to those changes.  This unique platform has unsurpassed fluid balance accuracy, portability and computing power.

A large touch screen display provides real-time treatment information, context-sensitive graphical help, and charting assistance. The sophisticated user interface enables easy device set-up and operation. The unique alarm management algorithms on the Omni-DL™ platform also ensure patient safety and minimize nuisance alarms.

  • Accuracy of ±0.125% for fluid balance (including fluid added/removed)
  • Portable, with no special electrical or plumbing needs
  • Treatment flexibility, including high-dose, continuous hemofiltration or hemodialysis
  • Full range of options, including SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF
  • Easy-to-load, single-use use kit with automatic engagement of all safety systems upon loading

All in the smallest, most portable format now available.



The Omni-DL™ is lightweight and portable, making it a potential choice in other clinical applications for nephrology patients and cardiology patients needing SCUF or CRRT. The Omni-DL™ manages fluid overload and over-hydration due to surgery, trauma or disease. The Omni-DL™ helps remove plasma water in patients with volume overload and hypervolemia.

CRRT technology for the demands of tomorrow